4th DMIF-GEN meeting in Lisbon

Development of Methods to identify Foods produced by means of Genetic Engineering
(a European Commission Research Project)

Download the Proceeding for the Work package 4-presentation at the DMIF-GEN meeting in Lisbon, Portugal:

Lindenmeyer, J., Hemmer, W., Auberson, L., Schrott, M., Wurz, A., Foth, M., Rüggeberg, H., Singer, P., Broll, H.: Database on commercialized genetically modified foods; Proceedings of the "4th DMIF-GEN meeting 1999" at the Institute for Biological and Experimental Technology (IBET), Lisbon, Portugal, 5. October 1999. To be published by the European Commission: Proceedings of the European Research Project SMT4-CT96-2072.
On the web available under: http://www.bats.ch/dmif-gen/lisbon/

Available Document formats:

Presentation slides in HTML (please use MS Internet Explorer 4 or higher to browse) or as MS Power Point file: Some pictures taken from the 4th DMIF-GEN meeting in Lisbon.

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