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GMO-Watch Report:
Genetically Modified Crops: molecular and regulatory facts

Official GMO-Watch Homepage

the updated report you find here:
Report as pdf file (5,6 Mb)
Report as zip file (1,8 Mb)

About GMO-Watch

GMO-Crops The general objective of the centre for Biosafety Assessment, Technology and Sustainability (BATS) has been to make available ressources for the impact assessment and the regulatory management of biotechnology applications. The main activities have been the elaboration, processing and communication of impact-oriented and regulatory-relevant knowledge.

The internet site gmo-watch is an important project within this general objective in that it provides resources for the regulatory management of GMO food, in particular for the detection and tracing of GMO food. To start with, the site will contain the following elements:

  • A semi-yearly updated report on GMOs with the following content:
    • Transformation methods and genetic elements
    • Survey of the genetic elements (list of promoters, list of introduced genes, list of terminators, plasmid or T-DNA region maps, organisation of insert in the plant genome)
    • Information on important GMO regulatory systems
    • Plasmid or T-DNA maps for each event
  • A daily news clipping service (

As convenient any other valuable technical information may be added to the site.

The report is generated automatically from a database maintained at the centre BATS. A template selects the data from the database and transforms it into the document that is accessible on the internet. The data for distinct crop plants is presented in the form of a fact sheet.

The centre BATS provides the following services:

  • Maintenance of the internet site
  • Maintenance and updating of the database,
  • Compilation of the daily news,
  • Periodical updates of the report on GMOs (e.g. semi-yearly) and
  • Quality assurance of data.

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