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Popular Name: Genus: Species: Class: Order: Family:
Pea Pisum sativum Rosidae Fabales Fabaceae (old. Leguminosae. Also placed in: Papilionaceae)
Name: PS1 Type: Real-Time PCR System: QuaNtitative Sequence:
Genetic Element: Intergenic spacer region between trnL and trnF exons Ampl.Length: GenomSize: AnnTemp:
PPName Type PrimerSequence Length T_ann TmThermo Tm2AT %GC Position
PS1for Sense CAAAA gCCAA TTAAA TTCCC TCAT 24 66.5 57.8 64 33.3
PS1rev Antisense gACgC ACCAT CCTAA TTTTA AgAAA 25 66.5 57.8 68 36.0
PS1Pb Marker/Probe TTgAT ggCCC TTTTT TgATT TAgTT gACAT AgACT C 36 72.1 67.1 98 36.1
Short Title Type Date Download
Val: Animals_MultiplexPCR Validation 2003-09-17 ValidationWP21MultiplexPCR_p14.pdf
Organisation Data
Acronym: Nestec Nestec Phone: +41-21 924 3111/+41 21 7858800
Partner Number: 14 Fax: +41-21 7858553
Type: Company e-Mail:
Name: Nestec S.A. - Nestlé Research Center Lausanne Website:
Umbrella Organisation: Néstlé
Postal Address: Nestlé Research Center Lausanne; Department Quality & Safety Assurance; P.O.Box 44; CH-1000, Lausanne 26 1800 Vevey Switzerland Country: Switzerland
Remarks: Workpackages 1.4, 2.1 and 4
Title / Name e-Mail Phone Remarks
Dr. Michaela Hoehne +41-21 785 8803 -
Dr. Etienne Jaccaud +41-21-785 8803
Electrophor. RT-device DNA-Seqencer ThermoCyl. SouthernBlot Other
yes ABI 7700 yes Biometra Trio-block yes ELISA plate reader, CE, GeneQuant II Pharmacia, Biochip incubator, PastGel, Western Blot, PAGE
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