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Popular Name: Genus: Species: Class: Order: Family:
Name: UniMit Type: Real-Time PCR System: QuaNtitative Sequence:
Genetic Element: 16S rRNA Ampl.Length: GenomSize: AnnTemp:
PPName Type PrimerSequence Length T_ann TmThermo Tm2AT %GC Position
UniMit F1 Sense CTTTg ATAgC ggTTg CACCA T 21 67.4 58.6 62 47.6
UniMit R1 Antisense CCCIA gggAT AACAg CgCAA TC 22 70.5 60.4 66 54.5
Mit-T Marker/Probe TCITg ATCCA ACATC gAggT CgTAA ACCC 29 72.1 66.3 84 48.3
Organisation Data
Acronym: TUGraz TUGraz Phone: +43-316 873 6471
Partner Number: 12 Fax: +43-316 8736971
Type: University e-Mail:
Name: Institute of Bio- and Food Chemistry, TUGraz Website:
Umbrella Organisation: University of Technology Graz
Postal Address: TUGraz - Institute of Bio- and Food Chemistry Department of Food Chemistry and Technology Petersgasse 12/II, A-8010, Graz 8010 Graz, Austria Country: Austria
Remarks: Workpackages 1.3, 1.4, 2.1, 3 and 4
Title / Name e-Mail Phone Remarks
Dr. Ursula Mülleder +43-316 8736499 Replaces Peter Remler in 2002
Dr. Peter Remler +43-316 8736499 Replaced by Ursula Mülleder in 2002
Electrophor. RT-device DNA-Seqencer ThermoCyl. SouthernBlot Other
yes ABI 7700 ABI 9600, ABI 9700 yes ELISA plate reader Anthos, UV-VIS Varian
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