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PPName Oalb-border-r Type Antisense PrimerSequence CTggA TgCAg CAgAT AACAT ACTTT
Length 25 T_ann 65.6 TmThermo 56.9 Tm2AT 70 %GC 40.0
Position 8355-8331 Sequence Dye ProbeType PCR Oalb-border
PCR Oalb-border Remarks
Name: Oalb-border Type: Sequencing System: Sequencing Sequence: J00895
Genetic Element: Ovalbumin Ampl.Length: 325 GenomSize: AnnTemp:
PPName Type PrimerSequence Length T_ann TmThermo Tm2AT %GC Position
Oalb-border-f Sense CAATC TgTCT ggCAT CTCCT CA 22 66.1 57.3 66 50 8031-8052
Oalb-Amplicon Amplicon CAATC TGTCT GGCAT CTCCT CAgca gagag cctga agata tctca agctg tccat gcagc acatg cagaa atcaa tgaag caggc agaga ggtgg taggg tcagc agagg ctgga gtgga tgctg caagc gtctc tgaag aattt agggc tgacc atcca ttcct cttct gtatc aagca cATCG CAACC AACGC CGTtc tcttc tttgg cagat gtgtt tcccc ttaaa aagaa gaaag ctgaa AAACT CTGTC CCTTC CAACA AGAcc cagag cactg tagta tcagg ggtaa aatga AAAGT ATGTT ATCTG CTGCA TCCA G 325 - 96 960 47.7 8031-8355
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