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Name: J00895 Description: Gallus gallus ovalbumin gene, complete cds. Type: NuclearGene
NCBIAccession: J00895 M24999 Version: J00895.1 GI:212504 Keywords: ovalbumin
DNAsequence: J00895.txt AAsequence: J00895.txt Alignment:
FullNCBIdatasheet: J00895.pdf BaseCount: 2994 a 1749 c 1721 g 2742 t Remarks:
Comment: Eight exons reported. Sequence homologies with adenovirus early 1a, adenovirus major late, chicken conalbumin, chkx and chky genes noted for 5' flanking sequence. OV1.3 is identical to OV1.8 except that intron E is shorter by 522 nucleotides
Publication: REFERENCE 1 (bases 1343 to 8906) AUTHORS McReynolds,L., O'Malley,B.W., Nisbet,A.D., Fothergill,J.E., Givol,D., Fields,S., Robertson,M. and Brownlee,G.G. TITLE Sequence of chicken ovalbumin mRNA JOURNAL Nature 273 (5665), 723-728 (1978) MEDLINE 78199842 PUBMED 661981 REFERENCE 2 (bases 1357 to 1389; 2941 to 3052) AUTHORS Breathnach,R., Benoist,C., O'Hare,K., Gannon,F. and Chambon,P. TITLE Ovalbumin gene: evidence for a leader sequence in mRNA and DNA sequences at the exon-intron boundaries JOURNAL Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 75 (10), 4853-4857 (1978) MEDLINE 79116220 PUBMED 283395 REFERENCE 3 (bases 5576 to 5624) AUTHORS Lai,E.C., Woo,S.L., Dugaiczyk,A. and O'Malley,B.W. TITLE The ovalbumin gene: alleles created by mutations in the intervening sequences of the natural gene JOURNAL Cell 16 (1), 201-211 (1979) MEDLINE 79126029 PUBMED 421270 REFERENCE 4 (bases 2675 to 5042) AUTHORS Robertson,M.A., Staden,R., Tanaka,Y., Catterall,J.F., O'Malley,B.W. and Brownlee,G.G. TITLE Sequence of three introns in the chick ovalbumin gene JOURNAL Nature 278 (5702), 370-372 (1979) MEDLINE 79135070 PUBMED 423993 REFERENCE 5 (bases 1282 to 1420; 2952 to 2999) AUTHORS Gannon,F., O'Hare,K., Perrin,F., LePennec,J.P., Benoist,C.O., Cochet,M., Breathnach,R., Royal,A., Garapin,A., Cami,B. and Chambon,P. TITLE Organisation and sequences at the 5' end of a cloned complete ovalbumin gene JOURNAL Nature 278 (5703), 428-434 (1979) MEDLINE 79199627 PUBMED 450048 REFERENCE 6 (bases 1043 to 1562; 2675 to 4732; 8885 to 9206) AUTHORS Benoist,C., O'Hare,K., Breathnach,R. and Chambon,P. TITLE The ovalbumin gene-sequence of putative control regions JOURNAL Nucleic Acids Res. 8 (1), 127-142 (1980) MEDLINE 80122213 PUBMED 6243777 REFERENCE 7 (bases 1 to 1042) AUTHORS Heilig,R., Muraskowsky,R. and Mandel,J.L. TITLE The ovalbumin gene family. The 5' end region of the X and Y genes JOURNAL J. Mol. Biol. 156 (1), 1-19 (1982) MEDLINE 82242066 PUBMED 6178832 REFERENCE 8 (bases 443 to 611) AUTHORS Schweers,L.A., Frank,D.E., Weigel,N.L. and Sanders,M.M. TITLE The steroid-dependent regulatory element in the ovalbumin gene does not function as a typical steroid response element JOURNAL J. Biol. Chem. 265 (13), 7590-7595 (1990) MEDLINE 90237065 PUBMED 2332444 REFERENCE 9 (bases 1 to 9206) AUTHORS Woo,S.L., Beattie,W.G., Catterall,J.F., Dugaiczyk,A., Staden,R., Brownlee,G.G. and O'Malley,B.W. TITLE Complete nucleotide sequence of the chicken chromosomal ovalbumin gene and its biological significance JOURNAL Biochemistry 20 (22), 6437-6446 (1981) MEDLINE 82069038 PUBMED 6272839
Acronym: NCBI NCBI
Name: NCBI - National Center for Biotechnology Information
Popular Name: Genus: Species: Class: Order: Family:
Chicken Gallus gallus Aves Galliformes Phasianidae
Genetic Element
Name: Ovalbumin Code: Ovalbumin Type: Nuclear gene
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