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Type: Real-Time PCR System: Qualitative
Genetic Element: 18S rRNA Ampl. Length: 105 Ampl. Position: 306-410 Sequence Size [bp]: 469.Apis cerana mitochondr.16S rRNA large subunit
AnnTemp [°C]: 52-57 Taxonomy: Dwarf Honeybee Temp. Time Program: UNG activity: <br>2 min. / 50 °C<br>Activation of HotStarTaq: <br>10 min. / 95 °C<br>Amplification (50 cycles): <br>15 sec. / 95 °C <br>60 sec. / 60 °C
Device: ABI Prism&reg; Sequence Detection System 7700, Applied Biosystems Reagents: 2x RT PCR Master Mix; Forward Primer 320 nM;<br>Reverse Primer 320 nM; Probe 160 nM; H2O nPrimers: 3 Organisation: Biolytix
PCR Description: Real-Time PCR for the detection of Apis florea Sequence: Apis.Mellifera_18S_rRNA
LOD [copy]: LOQ [copy]: Efficiency [%]:
Remarks: With the method describe it is possible to detect DNA from Apis cerana, Apis mellifera, Apis florae and Apis dorsata with real-time PCR . The real-time PCR systems are based on detection of mitochondrial rRNA. This method was designed by Mandy Schöne-Michling.


Food Name: Generic Image: Product Type: Food Source: Product Website:
Miel de CorseSUGAR AND HONEY [A0462]INSECT [B1220]http://europa.e... /en/1129_en.htm


PPName: Type: PrimerSequence: Length [bp]: T_Ann [°C]: TmThermo [°C]: Tm2AT [°C]: GC [%]: Position:
A.florea-F Sense gAT TAg AAg ATA TAg AAA TgA TTT 24 52.3 43.6 58.0 20.8 306-329
A.florea-R Antisense CAA TCA TCT TTA TCA ATA TgA CC 23 56.4 47.7 60.0 30.4 388-410
A.florea-probe Marker/Probe TAA TTT ATA AAT ATA AgA ATA AAT TAC CTT A 31 56.9+x 48.2+x 68.0 9.7 331-361

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L06178 REGION: complement(1329

Sequence Description: Apis mellifera ligustica complete mitochondrial genome
DNA-Sequence: Apis.Mellifera.Ligustica_Mitochondrial-rRNA_S18_L06178.txt AminoAcid-Sequence:

Publications (more...)

Short Title Type Date Download
SOP real-time PCR for Apis species SOP November 2005 Detection-ApisSpecies-Conf.pdf
Analytical Methods: Detection of plant species in honey Journal Accepted: 22.09.2008 FoodChemistry_118_979-986_Laube_Honey_2010.pdf

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