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Genetic Engineering for Plant Protection

Methods, State of the Art and Applications

Technology Assessment of Pest Resistant Transgenic Plants Report 1

Claudio Lupi

Scope of the Report

This report describes the state of technology development in genetic engineering for plant protection. It focusses on development and applications of genetically altered plants resistant to pests and diseases. In addition, the subject of transgenic viruses and bacteria engineered for use as biological pesticides are briefly discussed.

The report forms a part of the project "Technology Assessment of Pest Resistant Transgenic Crops" organized by the Agency BATS and serves as a general overview of current and possible future developments. Following reports will deal with other issues related to the use of transgenic crops such as product safety, ecological effects, impacts on agriculture, and economic aspects.

ISSN: 1420-228X

Table of Contents

 Genetic Engineering for Plant Protection - Summary

1  Introduction: Crop Production and Crop Losses

2  Methods of Plant Breeding

3  State of the Art Genetic Engineering for Plant Protection

4  Releases and Comniercialization - Safety Aspects

Appendix I:  Glossary of basic genetic terms

Appendix II:  Genetic Engineering for Plant Protection: References

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