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2.3.2  Summaries of national and multi-national approvals of genetically engineered products
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 Foods derived from genetically modified organisms and detection methods
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2.3.4  Commercially available products

2.3.3 Restrictions

An approval in one of the tables shown does not necessarily imply that the product in question is already commercially available, as there are often several hurdles to overcome before a product may enter the market. Although the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAFF) approved the Flavr Savr tomato for food use, it may still not be imported or grown in the UK since this would require approval according to the EC directive 90/220/EEC. Other genetically engineered products have received restricted approvals by the EC. For example, the modified soybean from Monsanto may only be imported but not grown, whereas genetically modified chicory (Bejo-Zaden) and oilseed rape (PGS) may only be grown for seed production in limited areas.

In the US, the BXN-cotton from Calgene (ID 7) was approved for planting on a limited acreage (50,000 acres or 20,000 hectare) per year for the first three years of commercial cultivation. There are also examples of restricted authorisations that limit crop cultivation within geographical boundaries (various US approvals; insect-resistant cotton in Australia). Further information on restrictions of specific approvals is compiled in the BATS database.

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