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2.3.1  Differences in national approvals of the 'same' products
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 Foods derived from genetically modified organisms and detection methods
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2.3.3  Restrictions

2.3.2 Summaries of national and multi-national approvals of genetically engineered products

Genetically engineered products have been recently approved in a many countries. Tables 3-10 present thorough compilations of information pertaining to approved genetically modified crops and other products in the United States ( Approved genetically modified crops in the United States), the United Kingdom ( Genetically engineered products approved for food use in the United Kingdom), the European Community ( Approved genetically modified crops in the European Community), Switzerland ( Approved genetically engineered food products in Switzerland), the Netherlands ( Approved 'Novel Food Products' in the Netherlands), Canada ( Approved genetically modified food crops in Canada), Japan ( Approved genetically modified crops in Japan) and Australia ( Approved genetically modified plants in Australia). The authorisations of transgenic food crops are listed comprehensively. Information is provided which is relevant to the design and evaluation of nucleotide-based detection methods such as the transgenes used, the sources of the transgenes, the regulatory sequences used (promoters, terminators), and data on the actual expression levels of the transgenes in the approved products. More extensive information is available in the respective datasheets1 (see also Box 1). Data on genetically modified microorganisms was not available for all countries and thus are not always described.

During preparation of this report several genetically modified products have received approval in the EC as well as in Switzerland and in the United Kingdom. Several applications for transgenic plants are pending in the EC. A summary of approvals is given in  Genetically modified plants: approvals and applications worldwide). This table also indicates applications that may be pending; however, a definitive survey on future products is not possible for all countries since many regulatory authorities do not release specific information on pending applications.

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