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4.1.2  Survey of the promoters used
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 Foods derived from genetically modified organisms and detection methods
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4.1.3 Survey of the terminators used

In the approved transgenic crops the terminator that is used most frequently to terminate transgene transcription is nos 3', isolated form the nopaline synthase gene from Agrobacterium tumefaciens. It has been used in at least 16 of the 28 products. No data were available on the terminators of three transgenes used in two different crops (Papaya [ID 26] and rapeseed [ID 60]).


Figure 6.: Number of occurrences of the most frequently used terminators introduced into the currently approved genetically engineered agricultural crops (in total 28 distinct products were approved; see text). In some cases (indicated by asterisks) distinct variants of the respective terminator were used (see  Terminators in approved transgenic agricultural crops).

In at least seven products the terminator of the cauliflower mosaic virus (T-35S) or derivatives thereof was used, while the plant-derived terminator E9 3' (from pea) was employed in five crops and ocs 3', Tr7 3' and tml 3' (all from Agrobacterium tumefaciens) in at least four and three products, respectively ( Approved genetically modified crops in the United States,  Approved genetically modified crops in the European Community and  Terminators in approved transgenic agricultural crops, Figure 6). Another five terminators were used in a single crop each.

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