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PPName Ovis-12S-f Type Sense PrimerSequence gCTAC ATTTT CTACC CAAgA AAAT
Length 24 T_ann 62.7 TmThermo 54.0 Tm2AT 64 %GC 33.3
Position 784-807 Sequence Dye ProbeType PCR Ovis-12S
PCR Ovis-12S Remarks
Name: Ovis-12S Type: PCR-RFLP System: QuaLitative (Light Cycler; TaqMan; Matsunaga) Sequence: NC_001941
Genetic Element: 12S rRNA (?) Ampl.Length: 193 GenomSize: 3.3 AnnTemp: 64
PPName Type PrimerSequence Length T_ann TmThermo Tm2AT %GC Position
Ovis-12S-r Antisense CTCTC gTgTg gTTgA TATAT gTAAA 25 61.6 52.8 68 36.0 976-952
Ovis-12S-Amplicon Amplicon gctac atttt ctacc caaga aaatt taata cgaaa gccat tatga aatta atagc caaag gagga tttag cagta aacta agaat agagt gctta gttga atcag gccat gaagc acgca cacac cgccc gtcac cctcc tcaag taaat atgat atact taaac ctatt tacat atatc aacca cacga gag 193 64 87.4 532 37.8 784-976
You are here: Core Froms > Search Primer > Primer
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