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Name: Sltm Type: Real-Time PCR System: QuaNtitative
Genetic Element: Lectin Ampl.Length: GenomSize: AnnTemp:
Taxonomy: Soybean PCR Description: Temp. Time Program:
Device: Master Mix: nPrimers: 3 Organisation: Nestec
Validation: NoValidationAvailable Sequence: K00821
Remarks: Reference Sequence: K00821 M30884. Publication: Vaitilingom M, Pijnenburg H, Gendre F and Brignon P (1999): Real-time quantitative PCR detection of genetically modified maximizer maize and RoundupReady soybean in some representative foods. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 47, p. 5261-5266.
PPName Type PrimerSequence Length T_ann TmThermo Tm2AT %GC Position
Sltm1 Sense AACCg gTAgC gTTgC CAg 18 68.5 59.7 58 61.1 1253-1270
Sltm2 Antisense AgCCC ATCTg CAAgC CTTT 19 68.0 59.2 58 52.6 1315-1333
Sltmp Marker/Probe TTCgC CgCTT CCTTC AACTT CACCT 25 72.1 68.1 76 52.0 1272-1296
NCBI-Acc: K00821 Sequence Description: Soybean lectin (Le1) gene, complete cds.
BaseCount: 689 a 417 c 341 g 703 t
DNA-Sequence: K00821.txt AminoAcid-Sequence: K00821.txt
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Journal: MaizeRRSoy_RT_QuaNt_PCR Journal 1999
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