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PPName Bos-pde-probe Type Marker/Probe PrimerSequence ATATg CCTgg AgTTT gTTTT TAAAT ATTTC AgC
Length 33 T_ann 71.9 TmThermo 63.1 Tm2AT 86 %GC 30.3
Position 3124-3092 Sequence Dye 6FAM ProbeType TaqMan PCR Bos-pde
PCR Bos-pde Remarks
Name: Bos-pde Type: Real-Time PCR System: QuaNtitative Sequence: M27541
Genetic Element: Phosphodiesterase Ampl.Length: 154 GenomSize: AnnTemp: 60
PPName Type PrimerSequence Length T_ann TmThermo Tm2AT %GC Position
Bos-pde-f Sense ACACA ATgAA TTgAC TCCTA CCC 23 64.1 55.4 66 43.5 2994-3016
Bos-pde-r Antisense ggTgC gTAAT ggAgg AgTC 19 63.1 54.3 60 57.9 3147-3129
Bos-pde-Amplicon Amplicon acaca atgaa ttgAC TCCTA CCCAT CATGC AGATt ctaac atcag gattt ttgct gcatt tgctt catct gtcct tttag agttt tcttT TTTTC TTAGC TGAAA TATTT AAAAA CAaac tccag gcata tcatt GACTC CTCCA TTACG CACC 154 60 87.5 420 36.4 2994-3147
You are here: Core Froms > Search Primer > Primer
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