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Food Product Data

Food Product Name:

Miel de Corse - miel du maquis d ete

Food Name: Honey Abbr. Food Name:
Orig. Food Code: Orig. Food Group Code: Product Type: Sugar and Honey [A0462]
CODEX Food Standards: CODEX FDS for Food Additives: CODEX Class. for Foods and Feeds:
CODEX Food Cat. Sys. for Contaminats: FAO Food Bal. Sheet Class.: CIAA Food Cat.:
Eurocode2: European Article Number (EAN): Universal Product Code:
E-Number: INS-Code: Manufacturer: 0
Distributor: 0 Food Source: Genetically Modified: No
Generic Image: Specific Image: Protection Label:
Agric. Prod. Conditions: Color: Part of Plant or Animal:
% Edible Portion: 0 Nature of Edible Portion: Nature of Waste:
Phys. State Shape or Form: Extend of Heat Treatment: Treatment Applied:
Cooking Method: Recipe Procedure: Recipe Bibliographic Ref.:
Final Preparation: Preservation Method: Packing Medium:
Food Contact Surface: Container of Wrapping: Storage Conditions:
Area of Origin: Area of Processing: Area of Consumption:
Consumer Group Label Claim: Specific Gravity: 0 Typical Serving Size: 0 g
Typical Package Weight: 0 g Typical Weight per Piece: 0 g Frequency and Season:
Place of Food in Diet: Cuisine: Product Website:


Trace Sample Code Producer Food Product Name Sampling Date Sampling Site
3HXXXXX00000150 Michele Bousquet Miel de Corse - miel du maquis d ete 2031-05-20


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France Please apply for access.

You are here: Core Froms > Search Food Product > Food Product