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Short Title
Publication Type
A Software for Genetic AssignmentJournalUU-FDG
Analytical Methods: Detection of plant species in honeyJournalBfR
Apis mellifera conventionalSOPBiolytix
Breed assignment of cattle by AFLP markersJournalUNICATT
Cattle differentiation by AFLP fingerprintingJournalUNICATT
Cereal samplesSamplesEurofins
Conventional PCR for Schizaphis GraminumNoteBiolytix
Detection of Buchnera AphidicolaNoteBiolytix
Eurofoods Recommendations: Article in JournalJournalEC
EUROFOODS Recommendations: Full ReportReportEC
European Genetic Cattle Diversity ConsortiumJournalUU-FDG
Inclusiveness test of matrix effects: Oat-samplesInclusivenessTestEurofins
PCR-RFLP protocol of the Myostatin promoterSOPCRA-W
Preparation & DNA-Extraction from Honey & PollenSOPBiolytix
Quantification of oat DNAReportEurofins
Quantitative Competitive PCR for wheat, barley or ryeJournal
Quantitative Real-time PCR Detection of Animal species in foodsJournalBfR
Real-time PCR-detection of beef and pork in foodsJournalBfR
Rep: Beef_TaqManReport
Simultaneous PCR-detection of animal species in foodsJournalBfR
SOP for microsatellite based bovine breedSOPUU-FDG
SOP for Qualitative Detection of barley, rye, wheatSOPEurofins
SOP for the Quantitative Detection of OatSOPEurofins
SOP PlantSpecies by PCRSOPBfR
SOP real-time PCR for Apis speciesSOPBiolytix
SOP: Extraction of DNA from Honey samplesSOPQiagen
Testing of matrix effects: Quantification of cerealsSensitivityTestEurofins
Validation of the oat PCR system: Specificity testSpecificityTestEurofins

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