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Centre for Biosafety and Sustainability

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Green biotechnology and biosafety

Concerning sustainability and green biotechnology, Centre BATS offers information on following topics:

  • Genfood:
    Genetically modified food are advertised with a lot of advantages. I.e. vaccine in vegetables, never fouling tomatoes or pest resistent apples. Which are effects on economy, ecology and community? Is it possiple to verify genetically modified food? Which genfood exists already? Do so called "biolabels" help?
    Biosafety - Health & Nutrition - GMO Database - GMO Detection
  • Switzerland:
    Does genetically modified food exist in Switzerland? How are field releases dealt with? Is technology assessment done? What do biolabels in Switzerland verify?
    Swiss Biotech - Field release
  • Transgene plants:
    Sustainability when producing and releasing transgene plants - what can be unterstood by these terms? How can be made a security analysis? Are GMO (genetically modified organisms) an option for farming? Can GMO help the developing countries?
    Biosafety of GMO - GMO in developing countries - Release of GMO - Field trials

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