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Centre for Biosafety and Sustainability

Technikfolgen Risikoanalyse
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BATS Centre: Biosafety and Sustainability

BATS Centre is a leading competence center studying the effects of biotechnology.
The main application of biotechnology is in farming (green biotechnology) and medicine (red biotechnology). Looking forward, the BATS Centre analyses possible effects on economy, ecology and society.
We are heading towards the following goals:

  • that research objectives are adjusted to take account of sustainability
  • that society is informed of the social effects and can then decide which limits to place

Green Genetics (Plants)

Green Biotechnology (Plants)

Biosafety and Farming: Genfood
Biosafety and Farming: Transgene Plants
Biosafety and Farming: Sustainability in Switzerland

Red Genetics (Medicine)

Red Biotechnology (Medicine)

Biosafety and Medicine: Gene research
Biosafety and Medicine: pharmaceutical supply, genetic analysis, Xenotransplantation

EU-Projects of Centre BATS

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