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Sino - Swiss Scientific Workshop on Sustainable Agricultural Production Systems in Switzerland

from Juli 14th to 21st, 2002

The prelude to the Chinese-Swiss collaboration was last year's Sino-Swiss-Workshop in Zuhai, China. Participants from the Swiss side include several research institutes that deal with organic farming, integrated production and biotechnology. The Chinese coordinator is the Chinese Ministery of Science and Technology, (MOST).

A 16-person delegation from China visited Switzerland from July 14th - 21st 2002 to learn about agricultural production systems.


  • Visit at Vineyard Dr. P.J. Charmillot , Dezaley, speech 1, speech 2
    Visit of the Federal Agricultural Research Station RAC, of Changins Scientific program organized by RAC spech 1, Poster, speech 2,
    Visit of Nestlé Research Centre, Vers-chez-les Blancs Scientific program organized by Nestlé speech 1, speech 2

  • Visit of Médicinal Plant, production systems of medicinal plants and berries, Bruson Scientific program organized by Médicinal Plant, speech 1
    Visit of Médiplant, Centre des Fougères, ContheyScientific program organized by Médiplant, speech 1, speech 2

  • Working Session FAL, Reckenholz · Overall discussion · Projects · Collaboration · Follow-up According to special program
    Chinese Proposals

Members of the Sino-Swiss Organization Committee

Sponsored by

We thank the Chinese Embassy in Bern for their advice in the planing of this visit.

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