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Acronym for: Detection of Methods to identify Foods produced by means of Genetic Engineering

Contract No: SMT4-CT96-2072

Duration: 01.10.1996-30.09.1999 (36 months)

Project size: 26 Partners, 2'047'359 €

EC contribution: 1'197'485 €

Organisation: European Commission Research Project

Program: FP4: Fourth Framework Programme


Involved BATS-scientists: Jakob Lindenmeyer, Wolfram Hemmer, Othmar Käppeli

Project description: Development of detection methods to identify foods produced by means of genetic engineering, e.g. tomatoes, soybean or corn, mostly through the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). Development of a Database to collect Informations on these genetically modified foods which are commercialized, the modified DNA-sequences, suitable primers and probes for detection, detection methods, and literature about these foods.

Links: DMIF-GEN results on a European Commission site: [ Results]

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