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Centre for Biosafety and Sustainability

Technikfolgen Risikoanalyse
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Acronym for: New technology in food sciences facing the multiplicity of new released GMO

Contract No: G6RD-CT2000-00419

Project No: GRD1-2000-25006

Duration: 01.01.2001-31.12.2003 (36 months), extended until 31.10.2004

Project size: 7 Partners, 1'943'705 €

EC contribution: 1'090'000 €

Organisation: European Commission Research Project

Program: FP5: Competitive and sustainable Growth


Involved BATS-scientists: Shirin Bruderer, Jakob Lindenmeyer, Othmar Käppeli

Project description: The goal of the GMOchips-project is the development of biochips to detect Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in food, e.g. different varieties of corn, soybean or sugar beat. Reliable detection methods are essential for the labelling of GMO concerned food and for the control at the EU borders.

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