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Acronym for: Development of Methods to Identify Plant and Animal Species in Foods

Contract No: QLK1-CT-2001-02373

Duration: 01.12.2001-30.11.2004 (36 months)

Project size: 14 Partners, 3'109'579 €

EC contribution: 1'395'074 €

Organisation: European Commission Research Project

Program: FP5: Quality of life and management of living resources


Involved BATS-scientists: Jakob Lindenmeyer (WP-lead), Tobias Krais, Othmar Käppeli

Project description: The goal of the MolSpec-ID-project is the development of Molecular detection methods to identify specific plant and animal Species in foods, e.g. meat from goat/sheep, duck/turkey/chicken, pig/beef or ingredients from soybean or several nut-species. This is important to discover fraudulent replacement of food components and to avoid adverse reaction to unexpected food ingredients.

Links: Test the public version of the MolSpec-database under

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