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Acronym for: Tracing the origin of food

Contract No: FP6-2003-FOOD-2-A. Proposal no. 006942

Duration: 01.01.2005-31.12.2009 (60 months)

Project size: 55 Partners, ~19 Mio. €

Organisation: European Commission Research Project

Program: FP6: Food Quality and Safety

Project-website: and the Molecular Biology Database (BATS part)

Involved BATS-scientists: Jakob Lindenmeyer, Tobias Krais, Othmar Käppeli

Project description: TRACE aims to improve the health and well-being of European citizens by developing specific traceability systems that will trace the origin of food and animal feed products. This will enhance consumer confidence in the authenticity of food. Natural tracers such as trace elements, ratios of heavy (geo) and light (bio) isotopes and genetic markers will be measured to determine geographical, species and production origin. The project will focus on meat, cereals, honey, olive oil and mineral water. Particular attention will be paid to commodities labelled as "Designated Origin" and "Organic". TRACE will develop and draft standardized XML-schemes for coding and information exchange and establish "Good Traceability Practice".

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