Work packages

of the GMOchips-project


Work package name: Description:
Sequences characterisation

A. Survey to identify and characterise the plant sequences and the inner sequences of the GMO inserts and their edge fragments. Centralization in a web accessible GMOchips-database.

B. Creation of a plasmid bank with cloned components used for the construction of GMOs and plant.

C. Definition of the consensus PCR amplification primers.

PCR optimisation
PCR optimisation on plasmids and DNA extraction. Selection of primers and synthetic internal standards and plant sequences. Detection on biochips. Optimisation on plasmids and genomic DNA.
Low-density biochips

Design of the low-density biochips: the captures probes and their grafting on the chips, hybridisation optimisation.

Design of biochips for expression of plants mRNA specific for the GMOs genes.

Ring-trial of the biochips on unknown samples (assesment of the repetability, reproducibility, variability and robustness of the test compared to the owned real-time PCR apparatus of the participating laboratories).

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