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PPName Bos-probe Type Marker/Probe PrimerSequence AACAT CAggA TTTTT gCTgC ATTTg C
Length 26 T_ann 72.1 TmThermo 63.8 Tm2AT 72 %GC 38.5
Position 3031-3056 Sequence Dye ProbeType PCR Bos-pde0
PCR Bos-pde0 Remarks Primer similar to bosTF; but ca.5bp shift (?)
Name: Bos-pde0 Type: Real-Time PCR System: QuaNtitative Sequence: M27541
Genetic Element: Phosphodiesterase Ampl.Length: 104 GenomSize: AnnTemp: 60
PPName Type PrimerSequence Length T_ann TmThermo Tm2AT %GC Position
Bos-f Sense ACTCC TACCC ATCAT gCAgA T 21 63.1 54.3 62 47.6 3007-3027
Bos-r Antisense TgTTT TTAAA TATTT CAgCT AAgAA AAA 28 63.1 54.3 66 17.9 3110-3083
Bos-Amplicon Amplicon ACTCC TACCC ATCAT GCAGA Ttcta acatc aggat ttttg ctgca tttgc ttcat ctgtc ctttt agagt tttct tTTTT TCTTA GCTGA AATAT TTAAA AACA 104 60 82.8 276 32.7 3007-3110
You are here: Core Froms > Search Primer > Primer
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