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Phone: +31 (0) 317 475400
Partner Number: 13 Fax: +31 (0) 317 417717
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Name: RIKILT Institute of Food Safety Website:
Postal Address: RIKILT - Institute of Food Safety<br>Esther Kok<br>P.O. Box 230,<br>NL 6700 AE Wageningen<br>Netherlands Country: Netherlands
Description: RIKILT - Institute of Food Safety, is a Dutch independent institute conducting research in the food chain and part of Wageningen University and Research Centre.
The institute with its 175 staff focuses on research on the safety and health of food with a multidisciplinary approach. RIKILT conducts fundamental-strategic and applied research for national and international governments, social organizations and industries and supports the policy of the Dutch government with research and advice.
RIKILT has been recognised by the Dutch Accreditation Board (STERLAB) for "testing" and for "Research and Development". Special studies are performed in compliance with the regulations for Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). An important aspect of RIKILT research concerns statutory tasks in the area of food safety.
* EU-regulations, pre-accession, legislation general;
* Food analysis (e.g. chemical, microbiological, histopathological, immunological and molecular biological);
* Quality Control and Management (National Reference Laboratory, support of certification of foreign laboratories)
* Exposure Assessment, statistical modeling (e.g. consumption data handling)
* Regulatory affairs (veterinary drugs, feed additives, biotech products, pesticides, fertilizers;
* Network co-ordination (e.g. EU Thematic network Entransfood)
* Food and feed safety, toxicology, health: SPS, Codex Alimentarius, PIIC, OIE, HACCP)

Expertise: Entransfood, EU Thematic Network on the Safety Assessment of Genetically Modified Food Products, a.o. traceability of genetic modified organisms in food chains.<br>Detection, identification and traceability of GMOs in the food and feed production chain, several national projects (Dutch Ministry of Agriculture a.o.), ongoing.<br>Feasibility of the organisation of GMO-free feed production chains in the Netherlands - national project (Dutch Ministry of Agriculture)
Activities: WP3: Species Origin Method (SOM) Development of the microarraytecnology for multi-detection and -identification.<br>WP 4: Generic Traceability (GTR)<br>WP 5: Sector Specific Traceability (STR)<br>


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