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Phone: +39 0523 599204
Partner Number: 29 Fax: +39 0523 599276
Type: University e-Mail:
Name: Catholic University of S. Cuore Website:
Postal Address: IZ-UCSC<br>Institute of Zootechnics, Faculty of Agriculture, Catholic University of S. Cuore<br>Via Emilia Parmense, 84<br>IT-29100 Piacenza<br>Italy Country: Italy
Description: The Institute of Zootechnics at UCSC is actively researching in animal genetics, physiology and nutrition.
In animal physiology and nutrition the main expertise is in dairy cows. Systems of integrated diagnostics (metabolic profiling through blood analysis, feeding techniques, health and production response, buildings, management, animal behaviour, etc.) are investigated to study animal metabolic status and welfare and to link these to milk production and quality for cheese making. In this field the Institute participates to a project funded by the Ministry of University and Research (MIUR) on "Infectious and not infectious causes of cytokine release in the transition period of dairy cows" that followed a funding received from the Ministry of Agriculture (MIPA) on "Welfare of dairy cows in the transition period: its evaluation through index of liver activity and of immune system" and from MIUR on "Biomarkers if animal welfare: study of relation between metabolism, nutrition and immunity in animal production".
In animal genetics three main fields of research exist, on the investigation and management of biodiversity; on map construction and QTL mapping and on expression profiling. The Institute was Partner in the EU "ResGen" project (CT98-118) on cattle biodiversity and Coordinator in the EU "ECONOGENE" project (QLCT-2001-02461) on small-ruminant biodiversity and sustainable conservation of genetic resources.
The Institute was Partner in the EU "Bovgen" project (QLRT 2002_02744) on the development of structural and functional tools for cattle genomics, Subcontractor in the EU "GemQual" project (QLRT-1999-30147) on the genetics of meat quality in cattle and Partner in national projects on QTL mapping for milk quality and functional traits in dairy cows.
Finally the Institute is Partner in a national project on expression profiling in pigs for the uncover of genes controlling meat quality.

Expertise: Over the last few years, the laboratory of Animal Genetics coordinated by Prof. Paolo Ajmone Marsan has been involved in two national projects aiming at developing methods for the traceability of animal and animal-derived products based on DNA techniques. In particular, the group participated to the development of AFLP and SNPs markers for breed traceability in cattle, sheep and goat.
Activities: WP3: Development of a panel of SNPs markers suitable for the identification of bovine beef breeds
Remarks: WP3-Staff: Prof. Paolo Ajmone Marsan, Dr. Riccardo Negrini, Dr. Elisabetta Milanesi, Dr. Marco Pellecchia, Dr. Licia Colli


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Short Title Type Date Download
Breed assignment of cattle by AFLP markers Journal April 2007
Cattle differentiation by AFLP fingerprinting Journal February 2007

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