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BATS Phone: +41 78 77 66 133
Partner Number: 41 Fax:
Type: Research Institution e-Mail:
Name: Agency BATS Website:
Umbrella Organisation: Biosafety Research and Assessment of Technology Impacts of the Swiss Priority Programme Biotechnology
Postal Address: BATS/SINAB<br>Postfach 5296<br>CH-8045 Zurich<br>Switzerland Country: Switzerland
Description: The Agency BATS for Biosafety and Sustainability Research was established by the Swiss National Science Foundation in 1993 as part of its priority programme biotechnology. The Centre serves as focus point and co-ordinator for all activities. It seeks to facilitate transdisciplinary research into the implications of Lifesciences applications. Hence a research agreement exists with the University of Basel, enabling e.g. Ph.D. students to work on research projects with the consent of University Institutes and Faculties.
Expertise: Molecular biological databases in several EC-projects, e.g. the MolSpec-database on species identification under , databases in the EC-projects GMOchips on detection of GMOs by biochips, DMIF-GEN on detection of GMOs by other molecular biological techniques, and projects with the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health , e.g. or the report on foods derived from GMOs and detection methods .
Activities: Data acquisition and development of a molecular biological database, similar to the online version of the MolSpec-database on species identification under
Remarks: Task Leader Workpackage 3.4 (TRACE SOM-database)


Title / Name e-Mail Phone Remarks
Jakob Lindenmeyer lindenmeyer (at) +41 78 77 66 133 Project leader TRACE WP 3.4 (SOM-database),
Development & administration of the MolSpec- and the TRACE Molecular Biology -database
Dr. Othmar K├Ąppeli Former Director of the Centre BATS (Biosafety and Sustainability Research)
Tobias Krais contact (at) Software-Development, Web-version, MySQL & PHP, Usability-Testing
Name Type Taxonomy Element Probe
WBR MolSpec PCR-RFLP Wheat Intron of trnL gene WBR11

You are here: Core Forms > Search Organisation > Organisation