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Name: 12S-border Type: Sequencing System: Sequencing
Genetic Element: 12S rRNA (?) Ampl.Length: 340 GenomSize: AnnTemp: 51
Taxonomy: Animals PCR Description: Temp. Time Program:
Device: Master Mix: nPrimers: 3 Organisation: BfR
Validation: NoValidationAvailable Sequence: NC_001941
Remarks: Reference Sequence: NC_001941. PCR-type changed from PCR-RFLP to Sequencing.
PPName Type PrimerSequence Length T_ann TmThermo Tm2AT %GC Position
12S-border-f Sense gCTAA TACAg TCTAT ATACC gCC 23 59.5 50.7 66 43.5 664-686
12S-border-r Antisense TATgC TTACC TTgTT ACgAC TT 22 59.5 50.8 60 36.4 1003-982
12S-border-Amplicon Amplicon gctaa tacag tctat atacc gccat cttca gcaaa cccta aaaaa gggac aaaag taagc tcaat aataa cacat aaaga cgtta ggtca aggtg taacc tatgg agtgg gaaga aatgg gctac atttt ctacc caaga aaatt taata cgaaa gccat tatga aatta atagc caaag gagga tttag cagta aacta agaat agagt gctta gttga atcag gccat gaagc acgca cacac cgccc gtcac cctcc tcaag taaat atgat atact taaac ctatt tacat atatc aacca cacga gagga gacaa gtcgt aacaa ggtaa gcata 340 51 89.8 942 38.5 664-1003
NCBI-Acc: NC_001941 Sequence Description: Ovis aries mitochondrion, complete genome.
BaseCount: 5594 a 4289 c 2181 g 4552 t
DNA-Sequence: NC_001941.txt AminoAcid-Sequence: NC_001941.txt
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