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Name: MY-border Type: Sequencing System: Sequencing
Genetic Element: Myostatin Ampl.Length: 327 GenomSize: AnnTemp: 56
Taxonomy: Animals PCR Description: Temp. Time Program:
Device: Master Mix: nPrimers: 3 Organisation: BfR
Validation: NoValidationAvailable Sequence: AB076403
Remarks: Reference Sequence: AB076403. PCR-type changed from PCR-RFLP to Sequencing. PCRSystem changed from QuaNtitative to Sequencing.
PPName Type PrimerSequence Length T_ann TmThermo Tm2AT %GC Position
MY-border-f Sense AAACC CAAAT gTTgC TTCTT TAA 23 64.7 56.0 60 30.4 2371-2393
MY-border-r Antisense TgggA AggTT ACAgC AAgAT C 21 63.9 55.1 62 47.6 2697-2677
MY-border-Amplicon Amplicon AAACC CAAAT GTTGC TTCTT TAAat ttagc tctaa gatac aatac aataa actag taaag gccca actgt ggata tatct gaggc ctgtc aagac tcctg cgaca gtgtT TGTGC AAATC CTGAG ACTCA Tcaaa CCCAT GAAAG ACGGT ACAAG GTATA CTGga atccg atctc tgaaa cttga cATGA ACCCA GGCAC TGGTA Tttgg cagag cattg atgtg aagac agtgt tgcag agctg gctca aacaa cctga atcca actta ggcat tgaaa tcaaa gcttt agatg agaat ggcca tGATC TTGCT GTAAC CTTCC CA 327 56 93.2 930 42.2 2371-2697
NCBI-Acc: AB076403 Sequence Description: Bos taurus gene for myostatin, complete cds.
BaseCount: 2196 a 1116 c 1139 g 2209 t
DNA-Sequence: AB076403.txt AminoAcid-Sequence: AB076403.txt
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