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PPName Capra-12S-r Type Antisense PrimerSequence CgTgT TAATA ggCTT gAgTg C
Length 21 T_ann 63.2 TmThermo 54.4 Tm2AT 62 %GC 47.6
Position 957-937 Sequence Dye ProbeType PCR Capra-12S
PCR Capra-12S Remarks Correct Sequence=?. Alt: sense: GCACTCAAGCCTATTAACACG
Name: Capra-12S Type: PCR-RFLP System: QuaLitative (Light Cycler; TaqMan; Matsunaga) Sequence: NC_005044
Genetic Element: 12S rRNA (?) Ampl.Length: 179 GenomSize: 3.24 AnnTemp: 54
PPName Type PrimerSequence Length T_ann TmThermo Tm2AT %GC Position
Capra-12S-f Sense TgggC TACAT TTTCT ACCTT AAg 23 62.4 53.7 64 39.1 779-801
Capra-12S-Amplicon Amplicon TGGGC TACAT TTTCT ACCTT AAGaa aatta atacg aaagc catta tgaaa ttaat gacca aagga ggatt tagta gtaaa ctaag aatag agtgc ttagt tgaat taggc catga agcac gcaca caccg cccgt caccc tcctc aagta aatac aatGC ACTCA AGCCT ATTAA CACG 179 54 88.3 498 39.1 779-957
You are here: Core Froms > Search Primer > Primer
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