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PPName MY-f_iFL Type Sense PrimerSequence TTgTg CAAAT CCTgA gAC X T CAT
Length 22 T_ann 63.8 TmThermo 55.5 Tm2AT 62 %GC 40.9
Position 2480-2501 Sequence AB076403 Dye Fluorescein ProbeType 25 PCR WP2.1 QuaL-Multiplex RealTime-PCR Myostatin
PCR WP2.1 QuaL-Multiplex RealTime-PCR Myostatin Remarks XT = internally labelling with Fluorescein Myostatin: Amplicon length: 99bp. WP 2.1:Development of multiplex-PCR for species in food. Qualitative multiplex real time PCR for pig, cattle and myostatin on the Light Cycler, Roche. MeltingTempThermo: Elisabetta Carpanetto, TiB: 55.5 C TiB SingleEditor: 55.1 C.
Name: WP2.1 QuaL-Multiplex RealTime-PCR Myostatin Type: Real-Time PCR + Multiplex System: QuaLitative (Light Cycler; TaqMan; Matsunaga) Sequence: AB076403
Genetic Element: Myostatin Ampl.Length: 99 GenomSize: AnnTemp:
PPName Type PrimerSequence Length T_ann TmThermo Tm2AT %GC Position
MY-r-long Antisense CCAAA TACCA gTgCC TgggT TCA 23 72.1 63.4 70 52.2 2558-2580
LC-705_Myo Probe_Antisense ACCTT gTACC gTCTT TCATg ggTTT X 25 70.8 62.3 72 44 2503-2527
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