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Bos-pde0 MolSpec

Type: Real-Time PCR System: Quantitative
Genetic Element: Phosphodiesterase Ampl. Length: 104 Ampl. Position: Sequence Size [bp]:
AnnTemp [°C]: 60 Taxonomy: Cattle (Beef (general)) Temp. Time Program:
Device: Reagents: nPrimers: 4 Organisation: BfR
PCR Description: Sequence: M27541
LOD [copy]: LOQ [copy]: Efficiency [%]:
Remarks: Test Record from the MolSpec-Project.
Not part of the TRACE-project
Corr.Primers: bos-f, bos-r and bos-probe. Reference Sequence: M27541


Food Name: Generic Image: Product Type: Food Source: Product Website:
MEAT AND MEAT PRODUCTS [A0459]COW [B1201]http://europa.e... l/en/501_en.htm


PPName: Type: PrimerSequence: Length [bp]: T_Ann [°C]: TmThermo [°C]: Tm2AT [°C]: GC [%]: Position:
Bos-f Sense ACT CCT ACC CAT CAT gCA gAT 21 63.1 54.3 62 47.6 3007-3027
Bos-r Antisense TgT TTT TAA ATA TTT CAg CTA AgA AAA A 28 63.1 54.3 66 17.9 3110-3083
Bos-probe Marker/Probe AAC ATC Agg ATT TTT gCT gCA TTT gC 26 72.1 63.8 72 38.5 3031-3056
Bos-Amplicon Amplicon ACT CCT ACC CAT CAT GCA GAT tct aac atc agg att ttt gct gca ttt gct tca tct gtc ctt tta gag ttt tct tTT TTT CTT AGC TGA AAT ATT TAA AAA CA 104 60 82.8 276 32.7 3007-3110

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Sequence Description: Bovine cyclic GMP phosphodiesterase alpha subunit mRNA, complete cds.
BaseCount: 887 a 783 c 798 g 733 t
DNA-Sequence: M27541.txt AminoAcid-Sequence: M27541transl.txt

Publications (more...)

Short Title Type Date Download
Simultaneous PCR-detection of animal species in foods Journal January 2007
Real-time PCR-detection of beef and pork in foods Journal February 2003
Quantitative Real-time PCR Detection of Animal species in foods Journal March 2007

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