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Analytical Methods: Detection of plant species in honey

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Development of primer and probe sets for the detection of plant species in honey

Authors: I. Laube, H. Hird , P. Brodmann, S. Ullmann, M. Schöne-Michling, J. Chisholm, H. Broll Organisation: BfR
Publication Date: Accepted: 22.09.2008 Version: 22.09.2008 Publication Type: Journal Language: English
ISBN: ISSN: 0308-8146 Report Title: Food Chemistry
Volume: 118 Issue: 2010 Pages: 979-986 Download: FoodChemistry_118_979-986_Laube_Honey_2010.pdf
Medium: PRINT Method: Real-time PCR URL:
Remarks: Food Chemistry publishes original research papers dealing with the chemistry and biochemistry of foods and raw materials covering the entire food chain from `farm to fork.'
Impact Factor: 2.696
5-Year Impact Factor: 3.183
Issues per year: 24
Topics include:
- Chemistry relating to major and minor components of food, their nutritional, physiological, sensory, flavour and microbiological aspects;
- Bioactive constituents of foods, including antioxidants, phytochemicals, and botanicals. Data must accompany sufficient discussion to demonstrate their relevance to food and/or food chemistry;
- Chemical and biochemical composition and structure changes in molecules induced by processing, distribution and domestic conditions;
- Effects of processing on the composition, quality and safety of foods, other bio-based materials, by-products, and processing wastes;
-Chemistry of food additives, contaminants, and other agro-chemicals, together with their metabolism, toxicology and food fate.
Analytical Section
Analytical papers related to the microbiological, sensory, nutritional, physiological, authenticity and origin aspects of food. Papers should be primarily concerned with new or novel methods (especially instrumental or rapid) provided adequate validation is described including sufficient data from real samples to demonstrate robustness. Papers dealing with significant improvements to existing methods, or data from application of existing methods to new foods, or commodities produced in unreported geographical areas, will also be considered.
- Methods for the determination of both major and minor components of food especially nutrients and non-nutrient bioactive compounds (with putative health benefits) will be considered.
- Results of method inter-comparison studies and development of food reference materials for use in the assay of food components;
- Methods concerned with the chemical forms in food, nutrient bioavailability and nutritional status;
- General authentication and origin [e.g. Country of Origin Labelling (COOL), Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), Certificate of Specific Character (CSC)] determination of foods (both geographical and production including commodity substitution, and verification of organic, biological and ecological labelling) providing sufficient data from authentic samples should be included to ensure that interpretations are meaningful.


Name: Type: System: Ampl.Length: Sequence Size [bp]: AnnTemp [°C]:
ApisCerana_RT Real-Time PCR Qualitative 113 470.Apis cerana mitochondr.16S rRNA large subunit 57-62
ApisDorsata_RT Real-Time PCR Qualitative 101 462.Apis dorsana mitochondr.16S rRNA large subunit 55-59
ApisFlorea_RT Real-Time PCR Qualitative 105 469.Apis cerana mitochondr.16S rRNA large subunit 52-57
ApisMellifera_RT Real-Time PCR Qualitative 103 467.Apis mellifera mitochondr.16S rRNA large subun 55-61
ApisMellifera-Conv Conventional PCR Qualitative 124 16343.A.mell. ligustica compl. mit.genome 66-68
Sternorrhyncha-Conv Conventional PCR Qualitative 114 15721.Schizaphis graminum mit. compl. genome 66-69
B.aphidicola Real-Time PCR Qualitative 64 1506.Buchnera aphidicola 16S ribosomal RNA gene, 66-72
Cas_PAL Real-Time PCR Quantitative 144 60
Lav_HMG2 Real-Time PCR Quantitative 74 60
Heli-all-nes Real-Time PCR Quantitative 106 56
Aca_adh1 Real-Time PCR Quantitative 107 60
Cit_adh1 Real-Time PCR Quantitative 83 60
Eri_adh1 Real-Time PCR Quantitative 81 60
Bras_lip Real-Time PCR Quantitative 122 57
Til_nr Real-Time PCR Quantitative 101 58
Euc_LFY Real-Time PCR Quantitative 96 60
Ros_CSL Real-Time PCR Quantitative 74 60
Cis_DXR Real-Time PCR Quantitative 94 60
Olea_ole10 Real-Time PCR Quantitative 96 60
Querc_PAL2 Real-Time PCR Quantitative 141 60
Tri_act Real-Time PCR Quantitative 191 58
act Real-Time PCR Quantitative 103
plant-nes-2 Real-Time PCR Quantitative 103

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